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MSRP : $180

18 Tundra PNP Conversion Harness *


  • 2x PNP Conversion Harnesses High/Low Beam
  • 1x LED DRL PNP Harness For None Platinum/1784 (Replaces Amber DRL with Stock LED’s) (Amber DRL Delete Mod Optional)
  • 2x Turn Signal Harness Adapters (No Re-pinning Required) 


3 Year Warranty


Input Power:        34w (Per Headlight)

Input Voltage:      6-30V DC

Amperage:            2.7A 12VDC


Love The 2018 Toyota Tundra LED Headlights?  Everybody wants LED headlights today. With the release of the new 2018 Tundra, Toyota has implemented LED headlights as an upgrade to the previous halogen design. The new headlights feature a nice new sleek design, brighter low and high beams, and a DRL LED thats unique in its own. But most people don’t want to trade in their 2014-2017 Tundras just for the headlight upgrade. This PNP harness is your solution!

PNP Design: I build these harnesses personally! Each harness is hand built and tested. These harnesses were designed to be as PNP as possible. The LED headlights require that low beam remains on while high beams are activated. The only way to achieve this is with the use of the Morimoto H4 Motocontrol Relay Harness. This will allow the headlights to function as they would stock.

TURN SIGNAL ADAPTERS: Although Toyota uses the same socket for the turn signal bulbs, they have switched the negative (and parking light on non Platinum/1794). If you plug in your current turn signal harness, your blinkers will hyper-flash because of this. Our Turn Signal Adapters fixes this problem and is 100% plug n play.

LED DRL Harness (SR, SR5, LIMTED, PRO, TSS ONLY): This harness is specific for the DRL’s only! It is the same harness I use for retrofits with LED accessories. It uses 2x 9006 waterproof connectors with a fuse tap that will replace the ignition fuse in the engine bay fuse box. This will allow for the 2018 LED DRL’s to be activated when your truck is running and off when the ignition is “off”. Though because of the constant power, there currently is no way to allow for the DRL’s to dim when headlights are on. The LED’s will be “bright all the time”.

NOTE: Platinum/1794 models will use the same stock LED connector as your current setup. The ‘DIM” feature will still function normally like stock with all Platinum and 1794 models. 

AMBER DRL DELETE MOD OPTIONAL: If you want only for your new LED’s to be on and not the amber stock DRL”S, you will need to complete the mod. This mod requires you to cut one small gray wire from the flasher relay inside the cab behind the dashboard panel where mirror controls are. If you do not do this mod, your stock amber DRL’s will remain on when your LEDs are on.

LEAD TIME: Most harnesses will ship within 2-7 business days after ordering. Depending on the volume of orders as these harnesses are custom made.

Installation Instructions: Currently, all installation instructions can be found HERE on the Tundras.com forums thread including how to re-pin and “amber drl delete mod.

NOTE: This is for the harness only! We do not sell the 2018 Tundra LED headlights. You can buy them from any dealership or online dealership. Part numbers for Headlights are as following;

Black Housings

Chrome Housings


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