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Don’t want to do the retrofit yourself? EleDobleU’s retrofits will do it for you! Based in Atlanta, GA, EleDobleU’s Retrofits have been retrofitting since 2009. Providing high quality retrofits with a 3 year workmanship warranty. You can be sure your not only getting a quality retrofit, but a long lasting retrofit.

  • 100% Customization!

    Your headlights are custom built to you needs

  • Brighter

    Your lights will not only look amazing, but they will perform much better over stock no matter what projectors you choose.

  • Fast Turn Around

    Your lights will be completed within 1-4 days depending on your options. So you can get back on the road and show them off!

  • Any Car. Any Make. Any Model.

    If you are local (Atlanta area), we can retrofit any car. See details

  • Eye Catching Designs

    We will help you create the ultimate design. Rather its adding Halos, LED strips or different color schemes.


All prices listed below includes that specific projector and the following; Morimoto XB Ballasts and XB Bulbs (43k,5k,or 6k Color Temp Choices), your vehicle specific Relay harness, any color paint scheme you want (extra for color matched), your choice of shrouds (excluding Panamera LED) and all labor and installation fees . Prices listed below are for,, and only! If you are not a member of those sites, please inquire!

    Featuring the new and improved 7.0 projectors, these pack a punch for its small size! Ideal for vehicles with smaller headlights.
    This kit includes the New Mini D2S 4.0  Projectors, one of our most popular projectors. Offering amazing performance while utilizing the D2S bulbs.
    Where budget meets performance! If you want great performing projectors on a budget, these should definitely be on your list.
    Featuring the popular TL projectors, these babies worth every penny! With its good distance, you’ll be sure to see everything at night.
    With the upgraded STI lens and shield modification, these are one of the best performing projectors on the planet. I even use them in my vehicles. The true standard or OEM performance!
    The king of all projectors! Nothing can beat its performance. If you want the best of the best, the LS460 is what you want.
    Full circle, vented (behind vented shroud), Switchbacks (white/amber), RGB color changing halos.
    Switchback, RGB color changing LED strips.
    Switchback, RGB color changing Demon Eyes
    Harness allows Halos and/or LED Strips to be used as a DRL. Includes fuse tap.
    100s of Logos or Etch your own Logo.

Vehicle would need to remain at shop during the complete retrofit period for proper aiming and alignment. This goes for all makes and models except Gen 3 Toyota Tundras (2014-present). Gen 3 Tundras can ship lights to be retrofitted from anywhere in the 50 U.S States and Canada. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs.

Any specialty parts such as Halos, LED Strips, Demon Eyes, Lens etching and Custom Logos can be added upon request.

50% deposit is required before the retrofit process can begin.

Terms & Conditions


If you are outside of the Atlanta area, Customer is responsible for all shipping costs. Retrofit services apply to all 50 US States and Canada. Costs vary based on where you live.


Once your retrofit is started, there are NO REFUNDS. All lights are shipping with Insurance for damage claims. If somehow I damage your lights during the retrofit process, I will purchase a new set of lights and re-retrofit your headlights.

Please see “Warranty” for more info about claims and warranty work.

  • Workmanship = 3 Years
  • Ballasts = 3 Years
  • Bulbs = 3 Years
  • Harnesses (Relay & Plug N Play Harness) = 3 Year

No Moisture Guarantee!


If any of the parts malfunction, a replacement will be sent to you free of charge. This includes but not limited to; Bulbs, Relay Harnesses, Custom Plug N Play Harness, Ballasts, Ballast Igniters. (Does not cover OEM parts).

If you experience a problem with the workmanship of the light(s), please send the light(s) back and it will be fixed accordingly. This includes but not limited to; moisture, faulty LED’s, faulty Halos or Demon Eyes, faulty High Beam function, disconnection or lose shroud. (This warranty does not included any intentional or accidental damage caused by the customer or shipping carrier.

If damage is caused by the customer, lights can be fixed at a labor charge based on the amount of work.

If the lights were damaged by the shipping company, please follow these steps;

  1.  Contact me immediately!
  2.  Take pictures of the damage light.
  3.  Place lights back inside box and pack well.
  4. Wait for further instructions.

I will file a claim with the shipping carrier (lights may need to be picked up by the shipping carrier).


Customer will be responsible for shipping to our facility for any warranty work. Lights will be shipped back to you by us at no additional shipping cost (Excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Canada).

If a mistake was made upon receiving your lights that was caused by our retro-fitter, we will pay for shipping both ways for your lights to be fixed . (You must contact us within 24 hours to report any problems with your lights. After 24 hours, shipping will be the customers responsibility.)

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