Please read all warranty details before requesting an RMA


Before submitting any warranty claims you must request an RMA # from our support team. Any items recieved without an RMA # will not be accepted, sent back, or refunded. Please check our troubleshooting area before contacting support. Some issues can be fixed without returning the part.

Please troubleshoot by switching components from side to side to isolate the problem. Once we have clearly identified which component failed; you will be issued an RMA number. Please send the product to us with the RMA number labeled “clearly” on the shipping label. A new part will be issued, generally within 1-3 business days after receiving the failed product. We will replace dead bulbs alone if the purchase was one year or less from the time of failure. If the bulbs are still under warranty and it has been more than a full year, we will replace the pair. OEM and Morimoto Parts must be returned for warranty service.  If an item is discontinued by the manufacture; it’s warranty is not void, but the part will be replaced with the current equivalent of the same product. No refunds or credit will be issued in lieu of replacements.

Shipments of replacement parts will be made by USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail and will be paid for by Retrofit Wholesale. Customers are responsible for shipping to our facility for all warranty claims. If you are outside of the US, shipping times may be delayed due to customs. If the customer desires any other shipping method (ie overnight), customer will be responsible for the associated costs above and beyond our standard warranty shipping method.

  • Troubleshooting

    Double check all connections, swap parts and test to make sure there isn’t a bad connection. Once you have determined what the issue is, disable and remove the defected part.

  • Contact Support

    Contact support and explain the problem. We will help you troubleshoot the problem. Submit any photos that might help. If the part cannot be fixed, an RMA # will be given for warranty claim.

  • Ship

    Send the defected part in with the RMA # clearly written on the label. Please use a shipping service with tracking to ensure we receive your part.

  • Receive Replacement

    Once your part is recieve your part and the problem has been identified, we will send out your replacement part via Priority Mail.

Warranty Length
  • Retrofit Service Workmanship = 3 Years
  • Aftermarket Projectors = 3 Years
  • HID Bulbs = 3 Years
  • Halos = 5 Years
  • LED Strips = 5 Years
  • Demon Eyes = 5 Years
  • LED Fog Lights = 10 Years
  • LED Bulbs = 3 Years
  • HID Ballasts = 3 Years
  • Off-Road LED Lighting = 10 years
  • Complete Retrofit Kits = 3 Years

Please check with each individual product for specific warranty. The warranty lengths listed above are for reference only. Each product’s warranty will vary based on the item.


All OEM products are excluded from the warranty program. This includes but are not limited to; OEM Projectors, OEM Bulbs, OEM Ballasts.


All clearance products does not include a warranty. Any item bought on clearance are sold as-is. We guarantee the product will be functional upon delivery of the product. If you recieve a clearance item that does not work, please contact support immediately. There is a 24 hour window to make a claim against non-working items on clearance. If a claim has not been made after 24 hours, the product cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded.

Please visit our FAQ’s for more details

If the part was damaged due to installation, accidental damage, shipping damage or any other signs of damage not related to a defect, your warranty claim will be denied. Retrofit Wholesale reserves the right to deny any warranty claim that does not meet the requirements.